Date Night

Don’t get excited, Mom.  I’m talking about the movie that just came out.

If Tina Fey and Steve Carell got married in real life, I would pay them to adopt me as their child.  They play the funniest most adorable married couple in the new comedy, Date Night. I guess you could kinda say it was a romantic comedy, but not really. These two are no Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.  They play the typical bored married couple living in the suburbs of New Jersey, stuck in a mundane spark-less life filled with bratty kids and thankless jobs.  When they try and spice up their relationship with a fancy dinner in Manhattan, everything goes wrong and the movie goes so right!  I was either giggling or cracking up for most of the movie.  There even was a point where we had a little pee escapage. Not like the amount of pee that escaped that one time at sleep away camp when I dreamed I fell asleep on the toilet but turned out I was actually in my bed, but more like the time in Mexico on spring break when I tried to squat over the abnormally tall toilet at this bar so I wouldn’t contract AIDS and the angle was all wrong and I proceeded to pee down my leg into my sister’s white pants.

Other great parts of the movie were starring at Mark Wahlberg’s sexy chest and nips (I thought he had three?), watching Fey and Carell robot dance hump each other, and dropping popcorn down my own shirt without noticing.  When I stood up at the end, I couldn’t catch the pieces fast enough before they hit the ground. Otherwise I would have eaten them.  No child left behind.

This movie, as well as Fey and Carell’s own happy marriages, make me believe in the fairytale that awkward funny people can find true love.

P.S. Is it me, or is Steve Carell a little bit hot?

Go see for yourself.


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One response to “Date Night

  1. Reena

    Sold!!!! I wanna see it now-expectations high

    I will let you know what I think when I do…I will also let you know if there were breakdowns in any of my bodily functions haha lol@pee escapage

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