Someone actually listened to me!

Holy shit, guys.  Big  news.

I have always hoped for a day when someone would turn breakfast foods into something I actually liked, not just ate because it was in front of me.  Pretty much the only breakfast foods I actually enjoy are bagels and lox with PILES of onion or  french toast/pancakes with LOADS of bacon.

UrbanDaddy has just reported that now the GOD behind the famous Shake Shack, Danny Meyer, has created something even better than a Shake Shack burger.   No, not a shorter line.  Let’s be real, people.  Good things come to those who wait right?  Listen up.  I give you: Pancakes and Bacon Custard.  Holy shit.  It’s as if Danny Meyer heard my silent prayers for a way to eat a delicious breakfast without chewing.  I CAN’T WAIT TO STAND IN LINE FOR 17 HOURS.  Note: Pancakes and Bacon only available on Saturdays. (I’d be there every day if otherwise.)  And get this: They even make a Fluffernutter flavored custard.   How does he know what I keep in my pantry! Has Danny Meyer been creepin’? I am so scared.

Kinda reminds me of this video that made me shit my pants after I just moved into the city.

Who needs a change of clothes?


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