Giddy-up Y’all

So about that wedding that I briefly mentioned in my last post.  My friend Susan is getting married and it is going to be an amazing time for many reasons.

1) I get to see Susan get married.

2) I get to see Isabel, my college roommate of 2 years and sorority sister.  If only we could make popcorn and watch The Biggest Loser like the good ‘ol days, but alas, it only airs on Tuesdays.

3) I get to see several other amazing sorority sisters who I haven’t seen in years and I will be laughing the entire time. (Hopefully it will define my abs. What abs?)

4) I will get to see my good friends Taylor and Marta who just got engaged! Super happy for them and I haven’t seen them since graduation! Except if you count the picture I found in my closet the other day when I was cleaning that Taylor gave me of him in his cap and gown standing next to a lone sunflower.  It describes him perfectly.

5) The Blue Bell Creamery is located nearby and I just found out that I may have grown out of my lactose intolerance. I plan on finding out for sure. This might be a disaster.

6) Susan’s caterer is famous for making waffles with ice cream on top? YUMSKIES

7) The rehearsal dinner is WESTERN ATTIRE ENCOURAGED.  As many of you know, I never turn down a theme, but since funds are low since I no longer have my dad’s credit card, I can’t go as crazy. I miss you credit card and all the fun we had in college.

What does a New Yorker whose closet looks like a funeral wear to a western attire rehearsal dinner?  I only started buying clothes with actual colors and not shades when people always assumed I was mad.  And from New York. This especially happened in Florida.  I’m sorry I don’t wear all pastel, but I’d rather not look like a Lily Pulitzer store threw up on me.  I started to go through my closet to find clothes that looked western and appropriate for the evening.  Got a couple plaid things but they were too casual.  No cowboy boots.  No spurs.  No 10 gallon hat.  So I searched my mind for a western themed event I could compare this to (with the help of my mom mostly) and came up with this:  Sandra Bullock in Hope Floats.

Also, think about the scene where they are under the gazebo in the dance-hall and she is wearing the white flowy dress with boots and a cowboy hat.  I think I remember this correctly, but unfortunately google didn’t allow me to find that image.   It’s kinda sad that everything I picture about western attire is directly attributed to Sandra Bullock’s character in this movie.  Makes me wonder why I haven’t watched more westerns that I didn’t sleep through during film school, but it’s all I got going so here’s what I’m will wear.  A black floral dress with pink flowers and a jean jacket over it.  I have no boots, so I will wear some sort of espadrille (they kinda look like hay) or a sandal.  I will also say y’all the entire night.  Sound good?  Maybe I will even start smoking Marlboro’s and ride a horse.  This may be taking it too far, but this is the extent I will go for a friend’s rehearsal dinner.  I will also try a southern accent but I can’t promise it won’t sound Asian.

Pictures will be posted.  Hopefully I will be drunkenly square dancing, but I don’t know if it’s gonna be that kinda shin-dig so let us pray.

Amen y’all!

(Blonde me – super drunk – at Chilli Cook-off in Hollywood Florida – the only 5 minutes I’ve ever worn a cowboy hat.  Crazy things happen when I drink.)


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