Happy Easter!

So Easter’s on Sunday (did you hear?) and I wanted to show my appreciation for the holiday that allows me to eat endless amounts of sugary sweets, by devoting my post to the Jewish people’s favorite  Easter treat:  Peeps.

My good friend from high school’s family used to invite me over to celebrate Easter with them (so much fun!) and they were always shocked that I liked peeps because they all hated them.  How cute you hate something with the sweetest little face and marshmallow taste? They were convinced that only Jewish people like peeps, which after doing extensive research, (I’m from Scarsdale and went to the University of Miami, so I know a few Jews), I have found to be a fact.

Some other facts:

In 1953, it took 27 hours to create one Marshmallow Peep. Today, it takes six minutes.

Popular ways to eat Peeps: stale (my Mom’s personal favorite), microwaved (please tell me you’ve heard of peep wars), frozen (cold), roasted (never thought of that actually), or served as toppings on pizza (gross?).

Each Peep has 32 calories.

Someone showed me this website which adorably combines two things I love.  Sushi and peeps, so please enjoy!



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  1. Amy

    So, I’d never really cared for peeps much (I’m not Jewish), but when I was a sophomore in High School we went on a Thespian Field Trip (I’m so cool) right around Easter. We had a microwave in our hotel room and one day decided to microwave them, but something went awry and they burned and apparently the stench of burnt peep is enough to have your chaperone (read: theatre teacher) check on your room. I accidentally answered the door in my bra. It was embarrassing. Thanks, poops (that’s what we call the burnt ones).

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