St Patrick’s Day Seafood?

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day so as tradition goes, I went out for oysters and beers.  Wait.  That’s not the tradition?  Well it should be!  As my work day neared its’ end, and my Irish Coffee whiskey buzz was fading, I contemplated what to do to celebrate this oh so festive holiday.  I assumed there would be drinking involved, but the oysters were a welcome surprise.  We ended up wandering around the city to one of my favorite little places in the East Village called Fish.  I originally was told about this place by my cousin who I look to for all my restaurant recommendations.  He lives his life through his stomach and I totally admire that.  He told me about this special that they have (not on the menu on their website) called the Red, White and Blue. It consists of 8 raw oysters served with either a glass of red or white wine or a Pabst Blue Ribbon.  What a great deal in the city! I’ve paid 8 dollars for just a beer!  It’s not enough food to fill my man sized stomach so I would suggest sharing the Lobster Mac and Cheese with someone. It’s a kosher Jew’s worst nightmare.  Shellfish, cheese, oy!

Fish isn’t a huge space, so I’ve had to wait to get a table, but it’s worth it. If you go with a date and it’s as nice as it was out yesterday, you could even sit at the two little seats outside! Fun!

The waitress mentioned a special that made my jaw drop.  Beer soaked Crab Feast or something like that.  I asked her how involved it was to eat and she said they have to cover the table with newspaper, so I decided I’d have to tackle that another time.  Preferably a day when I’m with a family member and wearing a pre-stained shirt so that no matter how much crab is on my face and my clothes, they will still have to love me.

In other news, Kim Kardashian and I are the same person because – wait for it:

We own the same sandals.

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