Last night, some friends and I went to a wine tasting that we had bought on Groupon.  Groupon is this amazing site that sends you emails about fun and exciting deals all over different cities. I am signed up for the New York Groupon emails and I get them sent to me almost every day.  How it works is, they offer this activity or product at a crazy discount, and if enough people buy it, you get it!  They offer anything from deals at restaurants or spas, to go kart racing or tubing down the Delaware River.  It’s such a great premise and it really gets you out and about doing fun and random things!

So anyway, the wine tasting I went to was held at a place called Vintage Irving down by Union Square.  It was this cute  little space  set up with long tables for lots of mingling and wine drinking!  Exposed brick, extensive wine selection, nice bar.  Pretty adorable.  The host explained to us what was going to happen throughout the evening.  We were going to try 8 types of wines starting with the lightest of whites and ending with the darkest of reds.  If we all drank each glass of wine in full, we would each be drinking a bottle and a half of wine!  “Sweet lord! That’s a lot of wine,” I thought.  But I managed.  Luckily they supplied a plate of cheeses and meats for each group and a huge basket of bread with olive oil for dipping.  The bread was clutch. 8 glasses of wine later, we were mingling up a storm with the other people at our table and with the staff.  What a nice group of people.  They really get the friendly vibes going in there.  Especially when they pour us extra glasses of wine. 😉  Towards the end of the evening, we made a wine induced dessert order and demolished the MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE OF ALL TIME.  It came in 4 little dishes: vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, homemade whipped cream and the souffle.  SO GOOD.  I definitely want to go back there for dinner.

Here are some pictures from the night.

My sister Zoe, my friend Alex and Eric, our very flamboyant host.

Alex, Jeff, one of our friendly waiters, and yours truly!

All us girlies at the end of the night.  Lookin’ super pale too!  Oh yeah!

In other news, tonight I’m having a roommate bonding night at the Rangers game!  I’ve never been to a hockey game before so I’m really excited for that, and also a potato knish at Madison Square Garden. There are few things I love more than a potato knish.  Yum.


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