Rainy Day Post

After trudging through the puddles/monsoon (with no hunter boots on! IDIOT!) to return a pair of jeans to T.J. Maxx, I came home with soaking wet pants, shoes and socks, ready to fling off everything I was wearing and relax.  After watching a few grossly entertaining episodes of The Millionaire Matchmaker, I decided I would stop, gain some pride, and take this opportunity to do a few things that I love to do but don’t have nearly enough time to do.  Read the blogs I subscribe to and download new music. So I sit here, a nice Jasmine candle lit, my window cracked so I can hear the rain, wearing sweats and lounging on my bed.  Perfection.

Lately I’ve been getting the itch to rearrange my furniture, but having a 1-bedroom apartment converted to 2 bedrooms leaves little space for wiggle room.  My roommate and I have managed to fit a sofa a love seat and a chair into our living room which is a feat unto itself, so I should be pretty happy with how things have worked out.  If I even attempt to do my bedroom, little can be done with rearranging, due to the massive air conditioner sticking out of the perfect wall for my bed! (UGH! Frustration!) But I shouldn’t complain – at least I have air conditioning.  No one likes a sweaty Betty!  So to put my decorating urges at ease, I read Apartment Therapy and see how other people decorate.  Came across a House Tour that inspired me to paint my apartment and to raise a family.  Now that’s an impressive house tour!  Here’s an image that helped with the latter.

I am a pile of mush right now. Check out her blog here.

I’m also on the hunt for a great accent pillow and throw blanket for my bed that will give me a little pop of color, but not too much so that the room still gives off a calming vibe.  For now, I’ll just stick to reading my blogs since they are free.  I’m 538 posts behind on my google reader for just Apartment Therapy alone, so you can see how much I have been actually working lately. Sometimes I miss being a receptionist, but mostly I’m happy to be maturing. And to not be ordering everyone’s lunches anymore.

As for music, what I’m currently listening to are as follows.  Just as my favorite foods are random, so is my music taste.  Just go with it.

Nothing On You – B.o.B. (featuring Bruno Mars)

Carry Out – Timbaland (featuring Justin Timberlake)  Great for the gym!  Makes you want to shake your love-handles!

How You Like Me Now – The Heavy   Strangely makes me want to buy a Kia Sorento. Wonder why…

When I Look at You – Miley Cyrus

Trouble – Ray LaMontagne  or any song by him because his voice can melt ice.


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