XOXO Yenta Girl

As I watched the newest episode of Gossip Girl last night, it got me thinking about how much I thought my life in the city would be similar to the show. Yes, I realize that the characters on the show began in high school and are now in college (Did anyone else notice that they haven’t been anywhere near school in a while? Slackers!) but I figured since they live the exlcusive Upper East Side lifestyle, that little old me, at the ripe age of 23, would at least get to at somepoint share in at least one of their outrageous experiences.  But alas, this has not been the case!

I have had no outrageously expensive bidding wars at Sotheby auctions, consisting of grown adults bidding against college freshman with unlimited money.

Nor have I ever taken part of photo shoot consisting of so many pretty and styleish people.  Also, my body will never look like Blake Lively’s and I’ve come to terms with that. (Sorta.)

I have never lounged in a park with Chase Crawford or worn clothes so expensive to just lounge around in.  Ever heard of sweatpants Serena??

I have also never partied with Lady Gaga.

You can see how I am  a little dissapointed.  I am never invited to Ambassador’s Ball’s where illegal drugs are sewn into jackets and people have sex in the coat room.  WHERE ARE THESE PARTIES?  I’m lucky if a guy offers to buy  me a beer at Brother Jimmy’s!  How far can one fall! (I guess I can’t fall if I was never any place to fall from.) They serve pulled pork sandwiches and fried pickles for Pete’s sake!!  It is safe to say that I am so far from a character on Gossip Girl that I don’t even have any cell service.  Maybe I should have set my sights a little lower.  Like maybe The City?  At least Whitney has a job! Go her!

So I’m pretty excited for the next episode. Serena and Nate are hot and heavy.  Chuck and Blair are the cutest couple ever.  Jenny has a backbone.  Congrats! Rufus, who I deemed an honest and loyal gentleman has just shown up at Lily’s neighbor’s as a booty call.  Oh snap!  We’ll see what happens!

xoxo Yenta Girl


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  1. jacqueline

    Look out for a Gracious Home (or GH bag) citing in an upcoming episode!! Woot woot. You know that’s the only place they’d go to buy their windex and picutre hangers! 🙂 🙂

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