Makin’ Plans

I’ll admit it. I’m a jealous person. Of people who are tall and lanky.  Of people who are competitive eaters.  Of people who can roll their R’s.  Of people who take great photographs.

One thing I think my blog is lacking, besides a consistent writer, is some stunning, drool worthy, artsy photos.  Sometimes I just don’t think my camera phone does a situation justice. I mean, yes, it is fused to my hip at all the time (except for the time I was leaving for the airport and I left it on my dresser and made the cabbie turn around so I could go back and get it – spazz!), but the photos just don’t express the humor, the warmth, the excitement of what I am seeing through my eyes.  Isn’t the point of this whole thing to make you see what I see?  FashionToast, one of my new favorite blogs, has great photgraphs.  Whether it be of an outfit, street graffiti, a random object or a sunset, the moment is caught beautifully.  I want that! Blogger whine!

Why you gotta set the bar so high, FashionToast??? I will not limbo underneath your bar.  I will high jump over you!

So here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to enroll in a photography class.  (I hope we get to buy school supplies. I love the smell of fresh paper.) I’m going to try this sucker out and see if it sticks.  Maybe it won’t.  Like when I took rollerblading lessons from a guy named Claude.  Here’s to hoping photography will be more my stride.  Get it?  Rollerblading? Maybe not.

Can anyone out there reccomend a great camera?

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