Vacation Recap

So I’m back from my vacation in Florida and man, I wish I could go back!  The weather was not as nice as I would have hoped, but I wasn’t stuck in a snow storm so who am I to complain.  I’ll take 68 and windy to over a foot of snow any day!  It wasn’t exactly prime tanning weather, but at least I didn’t have to wear a winter coat or any coat for that matter.

While my sister sent me this:

I was in this:

I know, I know.  Pretty decent picture from a blackberry. I took this picture as my Mom and I were heading in after playing golf.  Heaven.  Complete with a fountain.  🙂

During my stay I had a lot of these:

BLOODY MARYS BABY!  My favorite!  There’s nothing better than making a killing at TJ Maxx (J Brand Jeans for $60!!!) and heading home to a bloody mary, dinner, and The Time Traveler’s Wife on demand.  I have such simple needs it’s uncanny how I’m single.

Besides the bloody marys, there was also no shortage of these in the house:

Cookies.  Big Ass Cookies. Compliments to my Mom on her photo styling. Look how colorful the napkin is and how she used the nice plates.  These weren’t just any obscenely large cookies. (The plate is not as small as you’d think.)  These cookies are called Compost Cookies and they are made with the strangest of ingredients.  They are like regular cookies, just on crack.  Just grab some random things in your pantry.  Or everything in your pantry!  This is what went in to these:

Can you believe it?? I was curious when I bit into an orange crunchy thing, but turns out it was just a goldfish.  Silly me! Now don’t knock it ’til you try it kids, because these things are slammin’!  The mixture of salty and sweet is awesome and also,  I love Raisinets.  The end.  Here’s the recipe.

Lucky me I took the extra Raisinets on the plane as a little snack, passed out cold as soon as we took off, so now I’m eating them for dinner!  I also had carrots with horseradish hummus from Trader Joe’s.  What’s that you say? That’s disgusting? Oh please! I’ve done way worse.  Ever try pickles and ice cream? Don’t.

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