Move over Maria – these are a few of MY favorite things.

I’ve realized that my blog has become more of a diary for me and not a useful tool for you, so I would like to change starting now.  I give you a list of my most recent, as well as some of my all time favorite things.

As you all know, Easter is 2 months away so of course the candy is already out for us to pre-eat.  As a child, my mom always made us Easter baskets even though we are Jewish.  It was the best.  I’m totally going to make this a tradition with my own family one day, far far away.  I don’t know how I came to love 1 specific Easter candy, but there is this one kind that really rocks my world.

If I see these in a store, I have to buy them.  My friends make fun of me because I freak out when I see them.  They make these bite size bags of them, but I always buy the huge one and my friends always say, “Oh, we see you bought the mini bag.”  They eat them so I don’t see why they complain.  I think Cadburry milk chocolate is by far the best milk chocolate.  It seriously melts in your  mouth and these eggs have these thin little sugar shells that are just so delicious.  If you have a craving for Easter candy, you should DEFINITELY try these.

As you guys may remember, I’m not a huge coffee drinker.  Instead I choose decaf tea because it relaxes me and therefore, no one around me has to hear me talk for 10 hours straight on a caffeine buzz.  I especially like this brand called Tea Forte that my mom and I discovered.  The tea flavors are so different than any other tea brand I know.  They also have tea collections that you can buy.  I reccomend the sampler collection because you get to try all their post popular flavors.  Their tea bags are also beautiful.  The are shaped like long pyramids and their string is not a string, but a wire with a little green leaf on the end so you can bend it to hang on your cup. They also make special mugs with tops with a tiny hole in them so you can hang the tea bag through the hole and let your tea steep.  Genius and beautiful.

You can find store locations on the website.  On a side note, DailyCandy featured these new adorable tea cups with fake zippers this morning.  Aren’t they cute?

Oh tea cups, you are so cute.

Also, I love the dentist.  Teeth in general actually. I just had a teeth cleaning and now I feel sparkly. I don’t want to say who I use because then I’ll never get an appointment!  Sorry! 😉

More favorite things to come!


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