Valentine’s Surprise.

I’ve been really bad about blogging lately.  I wish I could say it’s because I’m just so busy having all these exciting things happen to me, but I really am just busy.   Doing nothing.  Probably cleaning.

So obviously you’re curious what I got for Valentine’s Day.  When I came back to my apartment after work on Friday, I had 2 packages waiting for me.  The first was a beautiful bouquet of red roses from my dad.  I wonder when he’ll stop sending them?  When I’m married?  I kind of hope he never stops because as much as I whine that they are from my father, I still think it’s pretty sweet.  My mom on the other hand sent me a very curious package.  A Valentine’s Day card and two wonderful boxes of heaven.

Here are the flowers my dad sent and the boxes from my mom:

Girl Scout cookies!!!!  I have the best mom ever.  The great thing about being me is how forgetful I am.  My mom definitely told me they were being sold at her supermarket and I was like “OOOO SEND ME SOME!”  And then when they arrive in the mail I am totally surprised!  Tagalong and Thin Mints are the best kinds.  Samoas too, but I am trying to not be a pig, and I think I forgot to mention those to my mom. Oops.  I can’t wait to shove them all in my mouth.

But those weren’t the only things in my Mom’s package.  She also sent me an article about Dr. Oz going food shopping in West Palm Beach and what people should be eating to live healthy lifestyles.  Girl Scout cookies were not on his list.  Strange?  Neither was this that my mom sent:

Best BBQ sauce ever. I can’t find it anywhere in Manhattan so she shipped it from Florida! Also, everything was bubble wrapped which is so “my mom.”  It was really the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ever.  My parents are the best.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!


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  1. jacqueline

    i’ve found it on the UWS..gotta venture up here!

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