My First Trip to Brooklyn.

I was born and raised in Westchester, so I’ve been a native New Yorker all my life.  I’ve also lived in Manhattan for a year and a half now on my own and can you believe that on Saturday, was the first time I ever went to Brooklyn?  I’m a little embarrassed.  I’m not sure why my life never took a turn to Brooklyn, but I guess it’s better late than never?  So Saturday night my friends and I ventured to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg.  This place was awesome.  The vibe was super chill and everyone was wearing hipster flannel.  Very huggable. They had delicious beers on tap, a little pricey for Brooklyn I thought, but then again, I’d never been before, so who was I to know how expensive beers are in Brooklyn?  We were hoping to actually bowl last night, but so were the millions of other people who were waiting the 4 TO 5 HOUR WAIT.  Insane, I know!  So we hung out, had some beers, ate some awesome food.  I had a BBQ Beef sandwich with pickles and onions on it, otherwise known as the “GAME KILLER” and needless to say, I didn’t give anyone my number that night.  But I did get this:


Gotcha!  Don’t freak out Mom! That’s not a tattoo. Of course this place would mark your entrance with a trendy stamp on your wrist to look like a cool tattoo. I kinda think it looks pretty awesome.  Not that I would ever get one.  My body can barely handle having its ears pierced since I am allergic to silver.  Imagine a needle and ink in my skin.  Nice to meet you, infection!

The venue was gigantic.  It had a restaurant, a couple bars, a bowling alley (duh) and a dance floor with a huge stage.  A lot of exposed brick and dimly lit nooks.  Leather couches and picnic tables, a great combination. Later in the night all these bands came up to play and let’s just say, I wouldn’t buy any of their CD’s.  I’m not sure if I was turned off by the guy with the ponytail and jean outfit screaming about cocaine or the fat bald guy with the beard running around and singing in orange tightey whiteys (most likely from American Apparel).  I judged Brooklyn a little bit because of that.  After what felt like 5 hours, we checked on our wait for bowling and we didn’t seem any closer to bowling, so we left.  Although we never bowled, I still had a lot of fun and the DJ who was on before the bands actually rocked, so that made me happy.  So does beer. And food.  So overall, a good first trip to Brooklyn.  I wonder where my next Brooklyn adventure will be…  Any suggestions?


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