Potluck Induced Anxiety

Last night, my roommate hosted a Potluck dinner for her entire Intramural Football team.  I was very impressed that so many guys brought interesting dishes, or dishes at all, but maybe my expectations are just lower for them.  I’m not sure.  Anyway, the night was a huge success, went out after, had some kick-ass dreams which I was lucky enough to remember and woke up to this:

The sun beaming through my amazing Crate and Barrel curtains. I love them.

I was in such a great mood. (Obviously I made my bed before I took the picture because I am a freak of nature.)  Then I made the mistake of leaving my bedroom oasis and was greeted with this:

Insert the scary eee eee eee music from Psycho here.

Our apartment smelled like a combination of frat house and shrimp dip (pictured above).

But don’t worry, no mess is too great for me.  I tackled this disaster in record time and my kitchen sparkled more than Queen Latifah and Carrie Underwood’s Superbowl outifts combined.

Now I want to join an Intramural team so I can host a potluck!


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