Korean BBQ

All last week I was having pregnant lady cravings for Korean beef. I don’t know what came over me, but I could even smell it in my hair I wanted it so bad. I was having dinner with my cousin on Friday night and he asked what I was in the mood for and I immediately shot back “Beef. Korean.” And he was like “Done.” Good story, I know.  So he took my sister and I to Korea-town, 32nd street between 5th and 6th avenues. He and his friends go to the same place all the time, and I trust my cousin’s taste, because fduh, we are related, so we went there. It is called Kum Gang San and it is a two-level Korean BBQ palace.  It’s decorated pretty cheesily, with a fake rock cave and a white tacky piano sitting up on the rocks, but someone actually plays the piano, so it makes it okay.  We aren’t there for the decor so let’s not digress.  We sat, ordered some Sapporos and got in the zone.  We ordered an AMAZING seafood pancake, like a scallion pancake but more awesome.  They also give you a million “little plates” we call them, but in essence they are free appetizers that you don’t get to pick out so you either like them or don’t touch them.  They aren’t for everyone.  Some include bean sprouts, Kimchi, and miniature whole fish that are really adorable and delicious.  I almost feel bad about eating them, but oh well, they are already dead so might as well.  I didn’t kill them.

Not my actual meal. Mine was better.

We also ordered this dish that I can’t pronounce what it was called, Jae Yook Kim Chi Bokkum, (you know it?) but it was essentially a tofu and pork dish that actually ended up being really good.  Then we got to the good stuff.  BEEF, BABY. We orderd 2 of the Kal Bi (BBQ Beef).  It was exactly what I had dreamed about for the last week.  You eat it with a lettuce wrap, a little bean paste, some scallions, wrap it up and enjoy.  You can eat it however you want, as long as you inhale it like I did.  For dessert they gave us these free samplings of this thing called icebean.  It was like ice chips and ice cream mixed together.  Our was strawberry flavored and came with a few red beans on top, which I thought were like red bean ice cream, but no, they were bean beans, so they were gross.  Don’t eat the beans.  When we were finished, I left wearing Eau de Korean BBQ and a huge smile.


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