My Life is an Open Purse.

So work was kind of slow today, so I decided to clean out my purse. Definitely one of my favorite things to do. You know, get rid of receipts and tissues that I may or may not have used…de-clutter my life through my purse. I thought, what could better describe me than for you to see the contents of my purse? So there she spills:

I will do this left to right, top to bottom.

1. My make up bag filled with lady things (ahem) hand lotion because my hands can be like a desert in winter, floss, makeup dealies and other things. Gotta look nice sometimes.

2. Wallet. I’m jappy, I know. I’m not denying anything. I grew up in Scarsdale, New York so there’s no hiding it. It was a gift from my dad when I turned 16. Best gift he ever gave me. Classic and forever useful, especially when there’s money in it.

3. Glasses. For when I want to look smart, when I want to seem trendy, or when I want to see things far away. When I was about 10, everyone in my family had glasses and I felt left out, so I told my mom I needed glasses. She took me to the doctor where I proceeded to purposefully fail the eye exam and get myself a pair of glasses. Little did I know that wearing glasses when you don’t need them causes you to actually need them. Oops! Now I never wear mine, but could use to, especially when driving. Look out!

4. Gum. Dentyne Ice to be specific. It’s the kind of been chewing since my orbit gum melted in my car down in Florida and I’ve been scarred ever since. It got greasy. Gum should never be greasy. Anyway, now I chew coated gum. Cinnamon is my fave.

5. Matches. You never know when you want to set things on fire.

6. Compact Mirror. For checking if I have food in my teeth.

7. Chapstick. 5 of them. You should see my lips! Actually they are just normal lips, but they are either cherry, strawberry or normal flavored sometimes. They are magical. Aquaphor is Eucerin’s gift to man. Cures the worst dry lips you’ve ever seen. Ask my sister. She’s gonna be mad at me now. 😉

8. Hair clip. Have you ever tried to tame a wild beast with a hair clip? It just can’t be done. Hence why the clip is in my bag and not in my hair. I’ve tried though…

9. Floss. Only 2 are shown here but the rest are in my makeup bag, don’t worry. I gotta make sure I don’t have any food in my teeth! It’s my biggest pet peeve. I’ll even floss at work at the reception desk. I have no shame. It’s not like a client will tell me I have a snack sitting in between my teeth.

10. Pen. Because you never know who I could give my number to…or write down the name of a restaurant. My life was almost exciting for a moment.

11. Mini Wallet. I keep my business cards in there just in case. You never know who I’ll run into. Future soul mate? Future client? My Grandma?

12. Ipod. Filled with songs I forgot I liked and wish I never downloaded. Like Chingy?? Current loves are The Temper Traps and I heard Twista’s Creep Fast the other day. Oooooweee. Get’s me goin’!

13. Keys. Last but never least. I would be sleeping on the streets without them. They also have my gym membership on them as well as keys to my sister’s apartment so I can go in and steal her stuff when she’s not home.

Not pictured: Special K Bar. Chocolate Drizzle flavor. Ate it.


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