Best thing since Sushi Steak and Cupcakes.

You may or may not know that the title of my blog happens to be my 3 favorite foods. Sushi, Steak and Cupcakes. I could eat these things all day, every day, and be the happiest person on earth. I’d also be morbidly obese, but just as in life, with all good things must come the bad. If I had to name a 4th favorite foods, some of my family and closest friends know it would be these puppies:

Apparently they are called “Egg Puffs” or “Hong Kong Cakes,” but since I never knew they had a name, I have been fondly calling them, China Balls, for the past couple years. Whenever I’m in Chinatown getting Peking Duck, Dim Sum or knock-off Prada sunglasses, I ALWAYS get these. I can smell them from a mile away too. I’m like a Bloodhound but not quite as hairy. They are served out of 1 little street cart (that I have found) on the corner of Canal and maybe Mott Street? I am bad with directions, so this might not be right, but if you can smell heaven, you will have no problem finding them once you get down there. They are made of eggs, custard, flour and sugar and are the consistency of waffles, but bite-sized. They are made fresh in front of you right in a waffle iron type of contraption and they are served nice and hot. I will get two bags if I am with people, because I have been known to not want to share. They are that good and I am that much of a pig. I highly suggest you make your way down to tourist city and get yourself a bag of these babies. Worth the ONE DOLLAR. You read that right! Cheap eats up in here!

I want.


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  1. Leah

    and now my mouth is watering….

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