Everything Worth Reading

The reason I started writing this blog was to have a hobby. I’ve always had an outlet to write, whether in school writing papers, screenwriting or freelance writing for a magazine, but lately I’ve had no reason to. My position at work requires little writing, and if there is any, it is not creative by any means. So one day I was talking to an actor that always comes in and he was asking me about what my hobbies were. I couldn’t think of any! Like how lame am I? Way to go Alexa! You are so interesting! I mean, I watch a decent amount of TV, I go to the gym, I go out with friends, but I feel like hobbies are supposed to be things you are passionate about, like how grandmas love to knit and nerd like to build robots. I am not stereotyping. So this blog became my new hobby. I write about things I love and hate and everything in between. It’s been a blast so far and I hope you are enjoying it too!

Another hobby I want to start up again is reading. It’s my favorite way to escape my boring life! I have all these books in my apartment that I’ve been meaning to read and never got around to, so here’s my plan. Read the books. Pretty simple. If I like the book, I will keep it in my collection. If I don’t like the book, I will donate it to a library or a church or someplace where other people can read it and potentially not like it. But maybe they will, so who am I to tell them it sucks?

I like all sorts of books ranging from dysfunctional families to romantic chick lit to even the first Twilight book. That’s as far as I’ll go with those, but I tried. It was amusing, I’ll admit it. Whatever keeps me entertained is how I roll.

This week I read Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger and I actually loved it. It’s about a woman in her 20’s living in Manhattan who is having a crisis about her life and her job. One day she has a moment in which she realizes she is so unhappy that she up and quits her job at a bank. She’s left unemployed and happier than she’s ever been. She then falls into a job at an event PR firm that turns her whole life upside down. A couple things that sparked me interest in this book were one, she lives in the unglamorous Murray Hill where I live too, so I wanted to hear how much she bashed it which I definitely have to agree with on occasion. Also, I wanted to see what a job in event PR is like and boy did I get a taste! I felt that it was written by a friend, not a stranger and I found it very enjoyable to read. At times I wished it were my life, but I can’t spill all the beans here, so go out and get a copy from the local library. Lauren Weisberger is no Chaucer (you mean you didn’t love The Canterbury Tales?), but she’s a nice Jewish Cornell grad who knows how to gossip and who doesn’t love a good yenta, right Mom?



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2 responses to “Everything Worth Reading

  1. Anonymous

    Ahh i loved that book too!!!Caity

  2. Leah

    You should read the follow up to it. soooo good.

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