Rebirth: No Religion Required.

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, but sometimes the life of a receptionist can get very crazy. Had a huge lunch which I almost couldn’t recover from (Restaurant Week at DBGB). Note to self: Don’t drink during the afternoon if you have to go back to work. Everything was delicious, including my buzz.

Anywho, yesterday it snowed. A lot. Looking out my window was like my own human sized snow globe. It was beautiful and amazing and slippery. Today it’s 16 degrees, but with the wind it feels like 1 degree. 1 degree! That’s almost zero! I’m good at math. Weather’s been crazy folks! Makes me pretty glad I booked a trip to Florida at the end of February. Can vampires tan? We will see! Just a month to go. I can make it! After looking up the chilly weather, I confidently picked out a turtle neck to wear this morning. Big Black and Beautiful. I’m a New Yorker, born and raised. Black is my culture. Black is sophisticated. Black makes me look less like I’ve been smuggling loaves of bread in my shirt. I just wear a lot of black, especially because it matches my boots that I wear like every day. (these) Get them! They are on sale!

When pulling on my turtle neck, I was taken back to memories of high school health class. Why, you ask? Because my teacher thought it would be a great way to explain how a baby is born, comparing a baby exiting the mother’s, you know, to pulling your head through a turtle neck. So in essence, this morning I was reborn. Here’s to my new birthday being a great day! It’s Friday and I’m wearing a headband with flowers on it, so we’re already on a roll!


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