Fatty Alert!

The City Bakery is having its 18th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival and Night of Knitting. But seriously, who cares about knitting, am I right?!?!? Let’s ingest superfluous amount of calories through liquid intake! Each day features a different flavor of hot chocolate. Ones that jump out at me are Banana Peel Hot Chocolate, Love Potion Hot Chocolate (I am lonely), Creamy Stout Hot Chocolate because I am an alcoholic, and Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate because I am intrigued by possibly finding something at the bottom of my drink that is not a health code violation. Cucaracha Hot Chocolate? I’ll pass!


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One response to “Fatty Alert!

  1. Anonymous

    Oh no. Why did I have to find this out? Wonder if they are staying open late as they usually close by 7?!!!

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