What would you choose?

I have a dilemma. On my way to work I can either walk on the left side of Park Avenue or the right side, because either way, it takes the same amount of time and I end up at the same place, Grand Central. Here’s the problem. On the left side, I must pass by a construction area where it smells like rotten eggs and I get creepily stared at by construction workers. On the right side, I have to pass the Mexican Embassy where a line of about 40 Mexicans stare at me and wink as I walk by.

Although it is flattering to be oogled by dirty muscular contruction workers from Staten Island and Mexicans who would make ideal dancing partners for me as none of them are above 5’5”, but I just really would prefer to walk to work in peace. Or rather, why can’t I pass by a Medical School full of future doctors wearing great glasses?

What would you do?


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