Restaurant Week Has Begun!

So Restaurant Week is up and running in NYC! From January 25th through February 7th, foodies all over Manhattan can dine at these restaurants, lunch or dinner, for $24.07 and $35.00, respectively. Saturday’s are a no go, as these prices are way too amazing for the weekend crowd. Places would be mobbed! Normally I couldn’t even step foot into some of these restaurants for fear of my bank account immediately emptying, but Restaurant Week is my savior. For $35.00 you get a full three course meal! Obviously gratuity and booze are never included because you always have to pay extra for a great time. Duh! I can’t wait to eat myself into a coma.

Tonight I am going to Megu in Midtown. I’m gonna slam back some sauteed scallops, Kobe steak, Megu chocolate cake and sake and it will be grand. Of course I already looked up the Restaurant Week menu online.

Also coming up are my reservations at DBGB (for lunch), Gusto and August. I also made an appointment for liposuction.

On that note, The Biggest Loser is on tonight so don’t forget to watch it while I’m busy stuffing my face.

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  1. ames09

    AH! You went to DBGB? I haven't read all the way to the present blog, but I'll need a lot of details on that meal. I really wanted to go when I was in NYC this past December but my friend didn't want to go, so I was overruled on that one. PS, you're my favorite person ever.

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