Good Morning World

Can you guess what time this picture was taken? Nighttime you say? You would in fact be WRONG. This picture was taken ON MY WAY to work this morning at 6:30am. As much as I hate knowing that it looks like I could be just getting home from a night out but it is merely the start of a work day, the darkness was eerily peaceful. It got me thinking about how wonderful my life is. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and it’s perfect for me. I live in this amazing city that gives me so many opportunities, I live in the same building as some of my best friends and around the corner from others. I have a roommate who is the sweetest stranger I could have ever lived with. (Thank god for mutual friends who introduce us.) I have a job I love, even though I sometimes have to walk to work in the dark, but I do get to leave when it’s still light out so who can really complain? My family is amazing to me. I get to see my dad every day at work and I talk to my mom, who is one of my best friends, about 6 times a day by phone. I also get to vacation for free in Florida where both of my parents have homes. My life’s not shitty in any means. I live in a great apartment that I love and never want to leave. I am happy. I am healthy. My friends and family are happy and healthy.


Let’s all raise our morning cups of coffee (or decaf green tea) and toast this amazing day and our wonderful lives. I’m glad you are all in mine.


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