Let’s be Kind

Today I donated towards the emergency efforts in Haiti. Big day. I specifically donated to Save The Children to help with all the children that are now orphaned. I am so sad for them. I can’t even imagine. I am no Sandra Bullock, donating a million of her own dollars to Haiti, but I gave what I could and that’s what matters. I also plan on doing it again in the future. Tom Brokaw was saying that if people don’t want to or can’t donate now, that they should wait a few months, when a lot of the money will be used up and Haiti will be trying to rebuild. Makes sense. That is when they will need more money. And that is when I will send more money to another organization this time. One that focuses on building homes and hospitals and things like that. Spread the love, you know? If anything, donating today put me in a great mood. This was after this morning, when a nice gentleman held the elevator for me even after the doors were closing. A nice gesture not always given by the businessmen in my office building. Let’s see what other good deeds can be done today. Maybe even start a “pay it forward” cycle? I love that premise. Read the book if you have the time. You can watch the movie if you’re a lazy ass like me. Sometimes. But the book is better. It will restore your faith in human kind.

For some ideas on how to be more charitable, check out my friend’s blog:

In other news, I tried Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD and I haven’t been able to walk normally in 2 days. The DVD was only 20 minutes long and I followed only the beginner exercises and could barely even do those. It was a real eye opener that Jillian’s a beast. Not that I am out of shape! C’mon guys, whose side are you on?!?


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