Whoopi Scares Me

Did anyone watch the today show this morning when Meredith Viera interviewed Whoopi Goldberg about the new children’s book she has written? Something about Sugar Plum Ballerina’s or another topic I would never associate with Whoopi. Anyway, apparently Whoopi is super involved in random things like buying really ugly sunglasses and working for the U.N. When Meredith asked her since she’s always busy doing all these crazy things, what does she not have time for, Whoopi answers, “I don’t have a lot of sex.” The entire set of the today show got quiet except for 1 random woman who obviously laughed out of nervousness. Would have been me if I worked there. But then I would have added “Ewwwwww” for added effect. Who says that during an interview promoting a children’s book!?!

Apparently this woman.


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