Weekend In Review

 Although I do enjoy doing most of my blogging while at work instead of doing actual work, I thought today, since I have the day off, would be a great day to blog, as well as entertain my friends who weren’t as fortunate as I to have this day of freedom. Thank you for dreaming big Martin Luther King Jr. And get ready because I have so much to say! Word diarrhea!

Speaking of dreaming, last night I slept so badly. I went to bed at 11 or so hoping to get my 12 hours of sleep that I love. But no. I was tossing and turning all night long until 3am when I awoke after a horrible nightmare about work. All I can remember from it was that I forgot to cancel our daily bagel delivery for today since our office is closed. The delivery guy will just show up and wait until someone unlocks the door, but hell be waiting until Tuesday for that! So I thought about it and decided I would call the Bagel Place as soon as they opened and tell them to cancel our order. Obviously the number for the bagel place was at work so I got on my computer at 3am and googled the number for the bagel place and set my alarm for 6am when I got up, called the place, cancelled our order, and then went back to sleep for 2 hours.

Worst sleep of my life. I think the worst part of it all is that my responsibility woke me from my slumber. I am getting old. Must look for grey hairs later.

So let’s talk about my weekend. I know I got you all excited about polenta, but you might be a little disappointed because on Friday night I never ate polenta. Pretty much everything else, but no polenta. I started out by sharing a salmon and tuna tartar, which was off the chain. It was served the potato chips, which tasted like Cape Cod chips so I was in heaven. As my entrée I ordered the Black Tagliolini and shared the roasted beets side, exactly as I predicted. It was amazing. I highly recommend everything about this place. It did have a rough sexiness and the place was lit up by a lone tree in the center, covered in white Christmas lights. I’m not sure what makes me no enamored by Christmas lights, maybe it’s because I’m a Jew, but they are just so wonderful. You can’t be in a bad mood around them. I didn’t take any pictures of my food because I inhaled it before I remembered to, so sorry. My bads.

On Saturday, some friends and I went walking up to The Upper West Side. Note: We all live in Murray Hill so this was a fine walk. It was just the perfect amount of sunny and cold as we walked. I did whine I bit when it got too cold in the shade but luckily I am just annoying enough to get people to listen, but not annoying enough for them to hate me for it. This is what I think. Maybe they think otherwise. We walked through the park and talked about the future, which as some of you know, I don’t really think about much. What my engagement ring will look like, planning my wedding, how many kids I will have, where I will live…these are not things Alexa thinks about ever. It starts me wondering about my future and what’s in store for me. Maybe I’m becoming a real girl, like Pinocchio becoming a real boy, except I have lady parts and was never a puppet. After brunching, we walked home, stopping at 27 J. Crew’s to buy belts and headbands. Women on a mission.

On Sunday, my sister and I, as well as every Orthodox Jew in the city, went shopping. I’ve been very conscious of where my money has been going lately, so we headed down to Filene’s Basement and T.J. Maxx. I’m a Maxxinista. Check me out. I would say I was successful because I got two pairs of socks richer. One even has Christmas ornaments on them and you know how I love Christmas! No, the other ones don’t have Jewish stars on them. They have dots.

Then we went to our FAVORITE place in the city. A French restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien which when translated means The Daily Bread. They have locations all over the city but they are only open for breakfast and lunch in New York. When our mom lived in the city, we used to go together all the time. It’s like our little tradition, so now that my mom has moved back to Florida, my sister and I keep up the tradition. We shared the Tuscan Platter, much like we shared our amniotic fluid. Sharing is natural when you are twins. The bread is out of this world and don’t even get me started on their brownies!!! GET IN


They even have mini ones! Like brownie puppies!

Watched The Lovely Bones, wishing I were stoned, and thanking God I did not pay for it. I might be going to hell for referencing God and the ganj in the same sentence but oh well. I don’t really believe in heaven and hell so there. But let’s not be serious on this blog, even though it’s the honesty blog. I don’t like being serious.

For dinner, we made homemade chili, which is the only kind of chili I’ll eat. I think also that fact that we were home made it comforting because as you know, beans, beans they’re good for your heart, the more you eat the more you… Watched the Golden Globes and I’m not just talking about Mariah Carey’s. I wish Neil Patrick Harris had hosted instead of Ricky Gervais, because he was HILARIOUS at the Emmy’s, without being rude or drunk. And he has better teeth to look at. Sorry Britain.


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