Last night, I took my sister out for dinner at a restaurant called Kanoyama on 11th and 2nd. It’s my new favorite sushi place in the city. It’s not crazy expensive and the décor is very pleasant. I’ve been there twice now and I can’t wait to go back again! We ordered a nice bottle of unfiltered sake (I highly recommend trying it. It’s white instead of clear. ) and we both ordered Chirashi, which is scattered sashimi over sushi rice. Although I love all sushi, I don’t discriminate between sashimi or rolls or hand rolls, but raw fish with a dab of wasabi that blows out my sinuses and makes me cry, with a little dip of soy sauce. UGHHHHH That’s me moaning at how good it is. Want to see a picture of what I got?

You’d think I’d be embarrassed taking flash pictures of my food in a busy restaurant, but don’t worry, we had a group of Japanese people next to us. They were seriously acting like the sushi paparazzi. They were getting all of these crazy looking dishes with uni (sea urchin) and I think I heard mention of sea cucumber? SO JEALOUS. I could eat it all! One time, when the waitress put a plate of food down, I so blatantly stared at it that one of the party members noticed and looked right at me. All I could say was “Sorry, but that looks amazing.” Then he talked to his friends in Japanese, probably calling me fat and rude. After eating almost everything on my plate except 3 grains of rice and the garnish, we waddled our way home.

I found this Sushi Etiquette on another blog that I read. I’d reference it but for the life of me I can’t remember which one it was. So sorry! A little random tidbit: Are you ever curious on the proper way to eat sushi? Yes you are, don’t lie! Here are some tips so you don’t look like an idiot next time you sit next to a table full of Japanese who are inevitably talking about you in Japanese and saying how stupid you look making your wasabi soy sauce soup. When I read the don’t section I was like “Hey Dad!”

Tonight I’m going out with friends to a restaurant called Revel in the meatpacking district. You know how I love décor, so I’m pretty excited that this place is described as having a sexy roughness to it. Maybe sexy people will be there too, well, besides me and my friends. We like to look up the menu really far in advance before we go and pick out what we are going to order. I love to pick my meals by what sides it comes with, like I generally don’t LOVE chicken, I prefer red meat that kills you slowly, but if there’s a roasted chicken served with creamy polenta, I just can’t say no. I have many weaknesses, like amazing teeth and peanut butter, but polenta is a serious one, especially when they describe it as creamy. It looks like I’m leaning towards the Black Tagliolini with calamari, clams and scallops and the roasted beets side looks slammin’!

I’ll let you know what I decide.


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