What is Love?

I really love magazines. Like I really really love magazines. Sitting in complete silence as I flip through the glossy pages is up there on my list of favorite activities, maybe even up around cleaning toilets and flossing. ehh, Maybe. That’s really high.

I’ve been working really hard at work today, you know, answering the phone, saying hi, and sanitizing my desk, but I did manage to squeeze in a little time to read the new ELLE magazine with Jennifer Lopez on the cover. There was an article towards the back called “How Do I Love Thee,” and by article, I mean really big pictures with tiny little blurbs that go with it. Those are the articles I read. Elle rounded up these super fashionable “lovers” as they call them, but I call them people in relationships because I am not that artsy. They ask them adorable questions like “How did you meet?” and “How would you describe ___?” They even asked “What is love?” The balls on them! But people did tackle this question, and others, and I wanted to share with you some of the answers that restored my faith in finding love.

How did you meet: “On the subway. We had a moment; we stared at each other.”

Does that mean I had a moment with the handicapped bum asking for change on the subway? Wait, hobble back to me! You are my soulmate!

First Date: “Trip to Paris.”

Who the hell are you and how can I be you?

What did you think of each other the first time you met: Man: “She had this green dress on, and she was dancing. She was very attractive.” Woman: “I remember the dress. I think it was Prada. I love his eyes.”

I like that she remembered the designer before her “lover’s” eyes. Nice.

What is love: “I feel like the essence of love is: Do you like the way the other person smells? If you do, you’ll get through anything.”

Can you believe this guy?? All I have to say about this one is – Marry me.

I am feeling optimistic today. I will go to the gym.


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