I haven’t decided if I want to be one of those bloggers that blogs multiple times a day or not, but I realized something really huge tonight and I had to share.

After 23 years of life, I finally think Seinfeld is funny!

This is big, guys. Seriously. I have HATED Seinfeld for years. If it was ever on TV, I would immediately change the channel or else I would feel actual physical pain. But things have changed. The tables have turned. I have seen the light! For the last couple days, I’ve been watching a lot of The Office reruns because awkward humor makes up who I am, and Seinfeld‘s been playing directly afterwards. I’ve been too lazy to change the channel so I just leave it on. Don’t judge me. We’ve all been there. Anyway, I’ve been watching these reruns of Seinfeld and I’ve been laughing. Real genuine laughs. Without pain. More specifically, the episode where the NYU reporter is convinced Jerry and George are gay and publishes an article saying so. Was this show always so funny? Where was I? This post doesn’t even do it justice. This might help. For real people. I’m a changed woman now. Also, my mom’s doppleganger is Elaine.

<– Elaine <– My mom, named Elaine

And you thought I could post this without commenting on my sister’s amazing face in this picture. Hey good lookin’!


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