And so it begins…

On my way home from work today, still toying with the idea of hitting the gym, I stopped and grabbed my mail before going upstairs. In the stack, I found the newest Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog…with my name on it, not my roommates. Why do I get this catalog you ask? I have no idea! I would never torment myself with a catalog with no food or furniture in it! Gross! So I flip through it. Maybe I should not have eaten 6 Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Brownies last night… So I do what any self-respecting 23 year-old single girl would do and I eat a salad for dinner and watch the newest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on my DVR. Tommorow’s another day right? More specifically, the day I will watch The Biggest Loser while stuffing my face and crying simultaneously. I am The Biggest Loser.


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